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Joint Models
Buy from us joint models for your education institution, so that students can learn about the anatomy and functioning of hand joint, foot joint, elbow joint, shoulder joint, etc., in detail.
Ortho Models
Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine in which injuries of joints, muscles and ligaments in different parts of the body are prevented and treated. We have life size skeleton model to knee arthritis model and vertebrae degeneration model.
Implant Models
In order to teach the implant treatment to interns and students, doctors and teachers generally use implant models. We have in stock hip implant and knee implant models.
Life Support Training Models
Get in touch with our company to order life support training models. Using these models, interns can practice the art of treating patients and provide nursing care.
Arthritis Models
Arthritis can cause pain in joints, like knee, hand, shoulder, and hip. In order to understand the arthritis beforehand, interns at medical institutes can study the arthritis models.
Heart and Artery Models
Each and every little detail of a human heart can be studied on a model. Our company produces and supplies heart and artery models that looks exactly like real heart and arteries. We have in stock heart with artery blockage models to artery model showcasing plague building.
Osteoporosis Models
Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which bones become weak. In order to study this medical condition, we supply osteoporosis models, including loss of bone, 3 stage osteoporosis models.
Arthroscopic Models
Arthroscopysurgery is performed to view, diagnose and treat joint problems. The knee arthroscopy can be studied by using knee arthroscopic models.