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Joint Models
Buy from us joint models for your education institution, so that students can learn about the anatomy and functioning of hand joint, foot joint, elbow joint, shoulder joint, etc., in detail.
Ortho Models
Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine in which injuries of joints, muscles and ligaments in different parts of the body are prevented and treated. We have life size skeleton model to knee arthritis model and vertebrae degeneration model.
Implant Models
In order to teach the implant treatment to interns and students, doctors and teachers generally use implant models. We have in stock hip implant and knee implant models.
Life Support Training Models
Get in touch with our company to order life support training models. Using these models, interns can practice the art of treating patients and provide nursing care.
Arthritis Models
Arthritis can cause pain in joints, like knee, hand, shoulder, and hip. In order to understand the arthritis beforehand, interns at medical institutes can study the arthritis models.
Heart and Artery Models
Each and every little detail of a human heart can be studied on a model. Our company produces and supplies heart and artery models that looks exactly like real heart and arteries. We have in stock heart with artery blockage models to artery model showcasing plague building.
Osteoporosis Models
Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which bones become weak. In order to study this medical condition, we supply osteoporosis models, including loss of bone, 3 stage osteoporosis models.
Heart & Lungs Model
These high-quality Heart & Lungs Models are mounted on a permanent platform. These are essential for a biological lab and for students who want to enrich their education with real-world applications. A great method to create a hands-on learning environment is with these anatomical learning models.
Arthroscopic Models
Arthroscopysurgery is performed to view, diagnose and treat joint problems. The knee arthroscopy can be studied by using knee arthroscopic models.
Special Models
Our Special Models are helpful tools for scientific learning that may be used to enhance explanations, spark conversation, make predictions, offer visual representations of complex topics, and create mental models. We provide high-quality back muscle models, balloon angioplasty models, and piles models.
Gynae Models, Female Health, Utreus Models
Utilizing the significant expertise we have gained through producing and delivering a wide range of special human anatomy models. We are introducing to our esteemed clientele these Gynae Models, Female Health, Utreus Models. For the convenience of learning, they are utilized to study various positions.
Asthma Models
Different Asthma Models were developed to simulate comparable subtypes of asthma in a clinical setting in order to further explore the processes behind the disease. Each model we provide is made of high-quality materials and has a reliable design that was proven in the current investigation.
Skin Models, Dermatology
We  offer the most accurate substitute for actual human skin in Models. The purpose of these Skin Models, Dermatology is to provide a cutting-edge research and analytical platform for examining how substances, medications, cosmetics, and medical devices affect actual, living human skin following topical or systemic delivery.
Liver Models
We provide liver models to enable students and medical professionals to fully understand the anatomy and properties of the liver. For their likeness to authentic and natural hues, they are highly regarded. These livers are available for customers to use in order to learn more about liver.
Brain Models, Neuro Models
For patient education or anatomical investigation, Brain Models, Neuro Models are employed. The major components of the human brain's anatomy are all readily visible. Since these models are so accurate, they make the ideal learning aid for students studying anatomy.
Liver & Gastro Models
The Liver & Gastro Models we manufacture and supply have a high-quality appearance. Simple to put together, these small miniatures are extremely detailed. With the use of the materials provided, you may learn about the human body's organs and how they work.
Cancer Models
In order to conduct your study, are you looking for cancer models with good characterization? Modeling the malignancy is possible using our Models. You can choose the best subjects and plan your research for the best outcomes by using these models.
Hypertension Models
Our hypertension models are made to be utilized in a variety of laboratory and academic settings for instructional purposes as well as in the healthcare sector. The structure of the human body is accurately represented by these models.
ENT Models
Customers may choose from a wide variety of ENT Models that we provide. These models are utilized by medical students as training tools. We provide this model in a variety of patterns, patterns, forms, sizes, and specifications at a low cost to satisfy the wide range of customer requests.
Dental Models
For dentists to learn quickly and thoroughly, these dental models are excellent. These models are valuable teaching aids for youngsters and for dental offices, among other uses. Our goal is to aid students in learning professional methods and gaining an understanding of the anatomy and structure of teeth.